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(Min: 0.02 Bitcoins)

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My Bitcoin Generator is a Bitcoin investment program experienced in paying hourly profits to your bitcoin wallet

  • 0.02 BTC Minimum Investment. And there is no maximum on how much you can invest!
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  • No Restrictions, No Contract. Receive your Bitcoins after an hour.
  • No Fees. You pay no fees in our network.

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My Bitcoin Generator


At My Bitcoin Generator you don’t need to wait for a long time to earn your profits, your profits are SENT to your Bitcoin wallet after an hour.


My Bitcoin Generator is the most stable Bitcoin investment system in the market, precisely calculated hourly profits enable us to be solid and stable and the best option for your Bitcoin Investments.


We are working hard to provide you with the best possible user experience in the market, as well as keeping everything simple to avoid confusions, no create your account and starting Vip Investment. It just takes less than a minute.


Your profits and earnings are calculated precisely, every satoshi is calculated precisely at My Bitcoin Generator, you don’t need to worry about the numbers here, focus on your investment.

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